Fuel A Better Future With California Milk! Mother Knows Best…

Autor: Crete Dolsophon
October 29, 2014

Original post by Mommy Powers here.

Growing up, my mother always stressed the importance of a good education. My mother grew up in poverty, and was raised by her abuela (grandmother). In middle school, she had two dresses to wear to school …that’s it. She once told me how she would go home & wash the dress she’d been wearing that day in the sink, then hang it up to dry. Needless to say, my mother’s family could not afford to send her to college.

At an early age, I understood that with a college education, I could achieve great things. Mi Mama made sure that my homework was done each and every day. She was always the Room Mother and volunteering in the PTA. I can remember getting in trouble for talking too much in class back in first grade…my mom marched up to school and had a conference with my teacher…the expression on her face is one I’ll never forget. She was giving me ‘the look’.

My mother believed a successful school day began with a hearty breakfast. She would make me a hot breakfast every morning before school. I NEVER ate cereal on a school day, even if I wanted to, mom wouldn’t allow it! Instead I dined on eggs and toast, pancakes, french toast, chorizo tacos, and arroz con leche… to name a few.


I always washed it all down with the same drink every time: MILK! My mom knew that milk was good for my bones, in fact three glasses of milk per day can considerably reduce the risk of bone diseases and fractures. Ask me how many bones I broke as a child, go ahead, ask me. My answer? None, Zero, Nada! I still LOVE milk and I drink it each and every day, several times a day. I have NEVER broken a bone in my body… coincidence? I think not!


Milk is also good for your hair, skin, teeth, & muscles. It helps you get to sleep at night and can even help manage PMS symptoms. You can learn more about the benefits of milk on the California Milk page.

Now that I’m the Mom, I’m passing on my mother’s wisdom to my children. I’m thankful that my mom cared so much about me, and that she instilled a love of learning in me. Now Toma Tu Leche! (Drink Your Milk!)